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Established in 2001, Dental Staffing of the Carolinas, Inc. exclusively serves the dental community with their temporary and permanent staffing needs.  Dental Staffing of the Carolinas, Inc. delivers premium dental staffing services to the Carolina's in the Charlotte Metro area.  We provide dentists, hygienists, assistants and front desk personnel.

All of our temporary and permanent placement candidates are:

  • Carefully screened
  • Properly licensed and credentialed
  • Candidates must provide professional references to ascertain that they are reliable and professional
  • We examine each candidates credentials and references thoroughly to assure you of a staff member who can seamlessly move into your practice when you are in need.


Julie Gillis, Director of Business Operations 

Julie is a Financial/Administrative business professional who owns and manages a consulting firm and has more than 30 years of  experience with a variety of corporate clientele.  Julie acquired Dental Staffing of the Carolinas in 2007 and has grown the business every year since with the committment that clients come first as well as making sure the dental professionals working through the organization are the best in their fields.  Julie is well versed in the day to day operations and strives to assure the organization runs smoothly.  Julie is passionate about providing clients and the indivduals who work through Dental Staffing of the Carolinas the best service possible.  Julie can be reached at nkgillis@dentstaff.com.




  • To provide the dental community with effortless dental staffing services when you are in need 
  • To strive to make each client feels like they are the only client
  • To ensure the best we can that your dental office is never without the professional staff you need when you need them 
  • To provide you with a staff member that has the experience and skills to seamlessly fit into your office environment 

Julie Gillis, Director of Business Operations